Nathaniel Townsend Creative Writing Award Annual

The Nathaniel Townsend Creative Writing Award honors creative writers demonstrating passion, dedication and drive, and encourages their continued development and growth.

For more information on why this scholarship was created, click on the donor link below.

Mr. and Mrs. Townsend
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe any academic honors you have received.
  2. Please list your extracurricular, community, and family activities. Also, include how much time you spend per activity per week, how long you have been involved in each activity, and any positions held or honors received while participating in these activities.
  3. Please list any jobs you have held, starting with the most recent. Please include job title and a description of duties, employer, dates of employment and number of hours worked per week.
  4. Please list any journals, contests or publications where you have sent your work, starting with the most recent. Note the result of the submission.
  5. Please list any writing activities, events or communities you have taken part in as audience member, writer, or other helper/participant. This would include peer workshops (outside of class), brown bag poetry, attending readings, attending or participating in MUSE, WORD, NANOWRIMO, or NANOPOMO, or other similar events.
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