Barben-Jones VFW Paramedic/EMT Scholarship

The Barben-Jones VFW Paramedic/EMT Scholarship is for a student enrolled in the Paramedic/EMT program who has financial need and demonstrates academic ability. Should a relative of a member of Barben-Jones Post 1400, VFW, or its Auxiliary, apply for this scholarship and meet all other criteria, that individual will be given preference for the award. If this criteria cannot be met this will be awarded to a student in the Paramedic/EMT curriculum. (Sponsor: Barben Jones Post 1400 VFW. Annual, 2001.)

For more information on why this scholarship was created, click on the donor link below.

Barben-Jones Post 1400, VFW
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you or a close relative a member of the Barben-Jones VFW Post 1400 or its Auxiliary? Please choose relationship.
  2. Please list the names of related member(s) of the Barben-Jones VFW Post 1400 or its Auxiliary.
  3. Please list the name of the relative that is a member of a VFW post?
  4. Are you or a family member a member of any VFW post?