The Brick Family

The Brick Family

Established in 2007 by Mr. Cary R. Brick of Clayton, NY, the Brick & Herr Family Scholarship was created to benefit 10th Mountain Division soldiers attending Jefferson Community College who are pursuing degrees in business. The scholarship was established in loving memory to honor Mr. Brick’s parents, the late Arch J. and Emily Herr Brick, and also his uncle, 1st Lieutenant Charles H. Herr. This scholarship expands on an existing scholarship that was established in 1998 by Mrs. Emily Herr Brick in memory of her brother 1st Lt. Charles Herr who gave his life during WWII.

Charles Herr was born in 1917 in Watertown, NY. A graduate of Manlius Military Academy, he started his studies at the Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania prior to WWII. After the war began, Charles entered active duty on January 29, 1942 around the age of 25. Lieutenant Herr became a tank commander and was a courageous leader and dedicated to his country and fellow soldiers. He gave his life during WWII, just a short time after he joined, by ordering his men to safety while he stayed behind and held his post at the Battle of Kasserine Pass. Lt. Herr died as a Prisoner of War in 1943 at the age of 26 and is currently buried in the American Cemetery outside of Rome, Italy along with 7,861 of his fellow comrades. He was a selfless, courageous hero who sacrificed his life for his comrades and for his country.

In 1998, a $9.2 million multi-purpose training range was established at Fort Drum in his honor by the Department of the Army. Lieutenant Charles Herr’s memory will never be forgotten and his integrity and honor will live on through this scholarship.

Arch J. Brick was born in Brooklyn February 13, 1912. His father was well-known in the New York City garment industry and Arch followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a city merchant and civic leader in Watertown, NY. Arch earned scholarships to Stanford and New York Universities due to his incredible athletic abilities. He graduated in 1936, earning four degrees from New York and Stanford. Earning a bachelor in accounting, a master of arts, a bachelor of science in journalism, and also doing doctoral work in journalism, he was a very well educated man. Mr. Brick moved to Watertown, NY after meeting his wife, Emily Herr. They were married May 30, 1938 when he was 26 years old and she 24. Using his talent and education, he began managing a ladies specialty shop owned by Emily’s family. Mr. Brick enlisted in the Marine Corps during WWII, becoming a communications officer and being honorably discharged as a Corporal.

Mr. Brick was an avid volunteer in the community. He volunteered his time with the County Family Court Appointed Special Advocate program that was associated with Jefferson County Family Court. He was the commander of Army and Navy Post 61, American Legion and was a founder of the Jefferson County Detachment of the Marine Corps League. He served as chairman of the municipal recreation advisory committee, chairman to the Watertown traffic control board, was a director and treasurer to the Downtown Merchants Association and also founded the national organization, Fashion Committee Associates, in New York City. On top of all of civic involvement he was also a licensed referee, refereeing many local boxing and wrestling matches. Early in his career as a referee he was associated with Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson.

Mr. Arch J. Brick passed away in 1988 at the age of 76 after a battle with cancer. He was a civic leader and played an important role in the local Watertown community. He is to be admired for his hard work and dedication to service. He is an example and inspiration to students and future leaders.

Emily Herr was born March 17, 1914 in Syracuse. She was a graduate of Watertown High School and she came from a family of local merchants. She attended Wellesley College and graduated from Syracuse University in 1937 and was a member of AEPhi Sorority. After marrying Arch Brick, she stayed associated with the family’s local business until she retired in 1972. She was presented a life membership to Beta Sigma Phi women’s organization and in 1998, established the Lt. Charles Herr scholarship in memory of her brother. She also was an avidly involved in the North County community serving as a sponsor in the Young Marines Program of the Marine Corps League and was active in the American Legion. In 1988 she lost her husband, Arch, and had previously lost a son in infancy in 1942, named Stephen.

Emily passed away at 90 years old in 2004. She is a woman to be admired and honored in the community for her service and involvement.

In 1981, Arch and Emily along with their family presented a flag pole to the entrance of the Flower Memorial Library in Watertown, NY. This monument serves in remembrance of Lt. Herr, Emily’s brother, and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Herr.

The Brick and Herr Scholarship embodies the memories of the late Lieutenant Charles Herr, his sister Emily Herr Brick, and her husband Mr. Arch J. Brick. Their dedication to others is an inspiration for students and future leaders at JCC and within the community.

Jefferson Community College is honored and thankful to the Brick and Herr Family for establishing this scholarship and for aiding in the dreams of our students.

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