Mrs. Suzanne Lamica Lipman

Mrs. Suzanne Lamica Lipman

Suzanne Lamica was born January 14, 1958 in Watertown, NY. Raised in Watertown, she graduated from its High School in 1976. In 1977 at age 19, Suzanne married. It soon became apparent to her that she wanted to obtain a higher education to better herself and to fulfill her dreams. With she and her husband both working, Mrs. Lipman chose to attend Jefferson Community College since the idea of moving or commuting was not practical. Having no idea where this new path would lead her, Suzanne took the leap towards a higher education at Jefferson Community College.

Suzanne knew that JCC was the answer for her. It was nearby, affordable, and flexible for her schedule. Suzanne was a dedicated student, working hard for her education and earning her a spot on the President’s List each semester she attended. She had hoped to continue her education after obtaining an associate’s degree from JCC, but personal circumstances dictated that she find a job right after graduation with dreams to continue her education in the future.

Suzanne applied for a position at the new management training program at Key Bank in Watertown, NY that she was underqualified for. Typically for this program the applicant was required to have a four year degree in business or finance. Suzanne received many recommendations from her professors for the position. Because of her admirable success at JCC and dedication to her education, she was considered for entry.

Key Bank offered Suzanne a position with the program, assuring her that they would prescribe her additional courses for her to take that would prepare her for her position. Suzanne’s hard work and determination at JCC had paid off.

Many years later, Suzanne still appreciates the opportunities that her education at JCC provided for her and the personal interests that her teachers took in assuring her success.

While not having a very long career, choosing to become a stay at home mother, Suzanne continued to be a contributing member of her community by serving on many philanthropic boards as president, and also serving as chief fundraiser on others.


Established in 1997 by Mrs. Suzanne Lamica Lipman and endowed in 2004, The Suzanne Lamica Lipman Scholarship was created to support the dreams of Jefferson Community College students who have financial need and who show academic promise.

Suzanne took great care in establishing this scholarship. She decided not to define parameters on qualified students. She simply hopes to identify each year a student who, like her, has a strong desire to expand their knowledge and improve their employment opportunities along with having financial need.

Every year Suzanne reads the very personal letters sent to her by the recipient of her scholarship. She saves them all and savors every word. Suzanne said that her file of student letters is “beginning to budge”. She cherishes that each student’s story is familiar yet unique and wishes them well on their life journey.

The Jefferson Community College Foundation is thankful for Mrs. Suzanne Lamica Lipman for establishing this scholarship. She is making a difference in the lives of students and her hard work and dedication to education is admired by all.