Mr. and Mrs. Macsherry

Mr. and Mrs. Macsherry

The Macsherry Family Scholarship was created by Mr. and Mrs. Macsherry in 1986. The purpose of this scholarship is to aid two graduates of Alexandria Bay High School attending Jefferson Community college who have financial need and show good academic progress.

Richard R. Macsherry spent many years serving the greater Watertown community through his volunteer and professional efforts. He was a veteran of the Navy Seabees and a graduate of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. For a brief period after graduation, he was employed at Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, PA. In 1948, he married Ms. Mary Hammond Macsherry and the couple moved to Clinton Street in Watertown, NY.

Mr. Macsherry took over the operations of the transportation company, Seaway Motors Express, in Watertown. He maintained operations of the company until 1983, when he sold it to three employees of the firm. Even then, Mr. Macsherry continued to provide consulting services to the firm.

Mr. Macsherry’s involvement in the Watertown community went far beyond the Seaway Motors Express Company. In 1951, at the start of the Cold War, he was appointed chief of transportation under the Jefferson County Civil Defense Program. It was his responsibility to organize and coordinate all transportation services in case of an attack.

Throughout the 1960’s, he was involved in many civic organizations and projects, including serving as vice-president to the Greater Watertown Chamber of Commerce, the United Fund’s special gifts chairman and he served on the campaign fund drive for the YMCA and YWCA. He was elected trustee of the Watertown Savings Bank in 1963. Mr. Macsherry also served as a warden for Trinity Episcopal Church. In 1969, he was appointed by then Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller to the St. Lawrence-Eastern Lake Ontario Commission. It was the duty of the Commission to preserve and develop the scenic, historic, recreation and natural resources of 165 miles of the St. Lawrence shoreline. This was a position that was very significant to the whole Macsherry family.

In addition to completing these terms of services in the 1960’s, he also belonged to the board of directors for the Henry Keep Home. It was under his leadership that construction began of the Henry Keep Apartments in Watertown, NY. This project provided better long term care to the local elderly population. Mr. Macsherry passed away at the age of 99 in October 2017.

Mrs. Mary Macsherry was born November 23, 1918, in Detroit, Michigan. She moved with her family to Pittsburg, PA and soon after marrying Richard, moved to the Watertown, NY area. Mary was a caring and doting wife and mother, who was loyal to all those that knew her. Spending time with her family in Alexandria Bay, NY was one of her favorite pastimes, especially racing boats on the Bay.

Along with taking care of her family in an admirable way, Mary was also an avid volunteer, giving her time to the Samaritan Keep Nursing Home and Meals on Wheels. She was a member of the Samaritan Medical Center Auxiliary and founded the Macsherry Library in Alexandria Bay. Mrs. Macsherry passed away on December 10, 2012 at the age of 94.

Mr. Richard Macsherry and Mrs. Mary Macsherry have given immensely to the greater Watertown Community. The Jefferson Community College Foundation is grateful to the Macsherry Family for creating this scholarship in support of local students.