Italian American Civic Association

Italian American Civic Association

In 1939, the Italian-American Civic Association was born. In the Western section of this City, in those days, these residents had no organization and in occasional get-togethers they realized the urgent need for the formation of a membership association, through which they might unite in harmony and work together in the mutual interests of all concerned – themselves, their resident area, their neighbors, but most of all, for the best interests of the people of the entire City; that through their dedication to community spirit and citizenship, they might aid in building a progressive future.

The Italian-American Civic Association, throughout the years, has, through its many accomplishments, and spirit, determination, and willingness to aid others, developed a record in this community which is rich in respect, honor, and pride. From its inception, it has undertaken its own programs, as well as cooperated with other organizations and individuals, in bringing about fraternal, social, and community good, for the betterment of the lives of everyone. It has participated in projects to aid children and students; it has offered its facilities and services and funds to assist worthy causes. It has been, and is now and always, prepared to continue in the further development and progress of the entire community.

Their club-rooms have been the scenes of countless events, which have been attended by leading legislative and political figures, statesmen, religious leaders, as well as outstanding sporting and educational figures, and representatives from all classes of professional and industrial life.


This scholarship was established in 1966. First preference is for the award to go to a child of an Italian American Civic Association member. If no member’s child applies for the scholarship, second preference is for the award to go to a resident of Jefferson County.