Chris H. Ronson and Family

Chris H. Ronson and Family

The Dr. Chris G. Ronson Memorial Scholarship, established in 1984, honors the memory of a dedicated Jefferson County physician who served the Watertown community for more than 38 years. The scholarship was fully endowed in 2004 by Dr. Ronson’s son, Chris H. Ronson. The award is for a Jefferson Community College student planning a career in nursing or other allied health profession.

“Chris had always been successful academically. He grew up with a strong sense of the importance of education. Our parents were educated and always encouraged us to do well in academics,” according to his sister, Mary Matos. “When we first came to the states, we didn’t have much money. Chris and all of us knew how difficult it was to work hard and try to receive an education. This award is meant to give a student an opportunity to receive a higher education.”

A native of Smyrna , Turkey , Dr. Ronson was born February 2, 1912 , a son of George Nicholas and Helen Calendar Ronson. The family came to Carthage in 1923.

He graduated from Watertown High School in 1933, earned a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University in 1937, and attained his medical degree from Syracuse University Medical School in 1940. He completed his residency at Surgery City Hospital in New York City in 1943.

Dr. Ronson then joined the United States Army during World War II. He served three years, and received an honorable discharge in 1946, having achieved the rank of captain.

Following his service, Dr. Ronson began his medical practice in Watertown . During his 38-year career, he served as physician at the Jefferson County Jail, the Jefferson County Home for the Aged and as temporary physician at the Watertown Correctional Facility.

In 1973, Dr. Ronson was elected president of the Mercy Hospital ’s medical staff. He was recognized for his contributions with a citation from Mercy Hospital in 1982, and was given a testimonial dinner, attended by 200 people, in 1984 at the Italian American Civic Association. Dr. Ronson was a life member of the Association.

He also was involved in business interests, and served as president of Northern Wholesale until its purchase by Doldo Brothers in 1972.

Dr. Ronson and his wife, the former Mary Paticopoulos, had three children, George C., Chris H., and Andrea (Daskalakis).

The long-time physician was a member of the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Medical Society of Jefferson County. He was also a member of the Watertown Masonic Lodge 49, the Media Temple of New York State, the Conservation Council, Inc., and the National Sheriff’s Association.

Dr. Ronson died on July 5, 1984.

The Jefferson Community College Foundation is grateful to Chris H. Ronson and his family for providing the funds for this scholarship.